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PostPosted: Fri Jul 01, 2016 9:34 pm
PLEASE HELP!!! I Have what I believe to be a prototype of the xe dick johnson special turbo. The reason I say this, is because my research suggests that all the mods and specs are consistant with it being a DJS. It has the heat shields in exactly the same places. The addition of built in VDO guages, scheel seats, body kit with only a slight difference to the front spoiler. I will post photos (if possible) to show you guys what i have. Any help from the forum would be a massive help and greatly appreciated. It also has what i guess would be a track computer in the boot with cables coming to the front to connect a computer too. Pretty advanced stuff for 1981. Apparently the previous owner says that there was another one built which was held at the ford museum in Geelong, unfortunately i cant confirm this as the museum has since closed down. Someone out there has to have info about these rare beast/s.