Morgan Park September 2013

Morgan Park September 2013

Postby Shayne45 » Tue Sep 03, 2013 8:05 pm

Ripped from the QLD Gemini Facebook page....

Mr Chesterfield had an outstanding weekend with pole and first in all three races at the 2nd round of the CAMS championship in Warwick the weekend just gone, second was Paul Butler and third Dave Hinton. The top seven cars where covered by no more than .2-.3 of a second, probably the tightest it has been at the top for some time. The category has appointed a new Technical Officer Mr John Torr whom we all met for the first time on Saturday, I am confident John will improve the category out of sight by keeping the playing field as level as possible. He has already sealed the top 3 cars from the last race and will continue to do comprehensive checks at each and every CAMS round.

There was actually 4 cars sealed on the weekend. Mick Dawes had his sealed as well. The 75 car was inspected and was legal. It was not sealed at the One Hour Race. It appeared to be a lot slower this race meeting.
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Re: Morgan Park September 2013

Postby FormerCDT015 » Wed Sep 04, 2013 8:25 pm

Its a shame that Chesterfield's lead was an artificial lead with the rest of the pack being held up by Butler.
Spectators could see Butler bobbing and weaving to hold up Hinton and the rest of the pack.
But I agree it was a great weekend of racing and Chesterfield was driving well and the car was stable, twas a deserved win.
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Re: Morgan Park September 2013

Postby James » Tue Sep 17, 2013 4:16 pm

Hi All, reply to Shane 45, article on the Morgan Park meeting & Queensland Raceway .RE SCRUTINEERING
Yes Chesterfield did win it, But was a pity his Engine was not pulled down (as he was doing the same lap times as last Cams Championship meeting), and at QR a few weeks ago, and everyone out there knows he has a Dawson cheater engine in now, as he was just a middle of the pack driver before strangely leaping to the front , Rangeley was driving himself, and strangely off the pace by seconds, sealing the Engines is Bullshit, they should have pulled them all down as i demanded after QR when they believed my engine was not Legal, MY engine in CDT #75 that i drove at QR was the Quickest Gemini in the Race but not Qualifying, that was Rangeley by far, Chesterfield & Smallwood, then me #75 no one likes Newcomers who start to Beat the Old front runners, so i demanded to Barry Nixon Smith and his Cat Manager Brian Smallwood that i would Happily have my engine pulled down at the QR 1 Hour Race where i finished 4 th on corrected times (due to additional Drive Through Penalty) as long as the other 3 fastest Geminis mentioned were as well, this was agreed to However after Presenting my #75 for Pull down with the Others, somehow it all went away NO GEMINI At All was PULLED DOWN or SEALED, No time was the Answer, SO YOUR COMMENT ABOUT MY ENGINE IS RIGHT SHANE, AND YOU WOULD NOT HAVE MADE IT IF THE ENGINES WERE PULLED DOWN AT QR, so THEN ON TO Warwick now What a JOKE i Helped ORGANIZE the Pull DOWN of the Same 4 Quick Geminis at QR BUT IT DID NOT HAPPEN ON EXCUSES OF FATHERS DAY WHAT A JOKE AS SOME OF THE GUYS SAID, "THEY JUST SEALED THE ENGINE BIG DEAL ANY IDIOT CAN GET AROUND THIS", I WAS THE ONLY GEMINI PULLED DOWN EARLY AS MY DRIVER ALLAN GOUGH WAS NOT WELL AND DID NOT DO THE LAST RACE, #75 ENGINE BORE STROKE HEAD WAS FOUND TO BE COMPLETELY LEGAL tO SAY THE #75 WAS SLOWER IS TRUE BUT YOU MUST REMEMBER GOFFY HAS NOT DRIVEN FOR OVER 30 YEARS AND HAD BAD FLU, SO THEY CAN ALL GET STUFFED THE BOYS CLUB ARE CONTROLLING THE SERIES AND IF THEY DONT START CHECKING THE ENGINES AT THE TRACK AS MINE WAS, THEN YOUR COMMENTS SHANE ARE VALID FOR ALL NOT ONLY ME, I JUST HOPE NEXT CAMS CHAMPIONSHIP MEETING, ALL FRONT RUNNING GEMINIS GET THERE ENGINES PULLED APART AT THE TRACK, IT IS THE ONLY SURE WAY FOR US ALL TO STOP THIS "WHO IS CHEATING BULLSHIT!!!" ONCE AND FOR ALL
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